Going Forward – Spread the Word

Today's Goals

In California, our goal is to shore up vulnerable Republican seats (currently Darryl Issa, Dana Rohrabacher, Jeff Denham & Ed Royce), and overturn three Senate seats currently held by Democrats.To slow the destruction of our state, we must deprive them of their 2/3rds supermajority.

We are focusing on key issues that the majority of Californians agree on (i.e. school choice, skyrocketing gasoline/car registration prices, job creation & cutting taxes), and providing more effective ways of communicating our message. Despite the obvious challenges, we have an extraordinary advantage -- the best solutions, time-tested philosophies and winning, successful policies (i.e. those working in Texas and Wisconsin.) But in order to right our ship, we must organize our people and maximize their efforts to achieve very specific

Our theme is, “We’re on your side – you just don’t know it yet.”


After the June primary, we go nationwide, sharpening our new skills and elect ng our own super majority in D.C. in November! (It can be done. Really. Stars & Stripes Forever will show you how!)

Join Us!