Kickoff Event: Saving California

Info from our Kick-off event, Saving California! 

Held at the Burbank Marriott, March 17, 2018  

We are putting on an exclusive show unlike any you've ever seen -- it will be a moving, patriotic day dedicated to our military veterans and service dogs...a day of  Connecting and Colluding -- and Getting Armed, Retrained & Focused.  You will be entertained along the way by a gifted group of speakers who will show you exactly how we can Save California.  It's very doable, but this is #California's Last Stand.  We need political activists like you to JOIN OUR TEAM!


Led by the incomparable Bill Whittle, you will see why the great David Horowitz & the brilliant Charlie Kirk are turning political correctness on its head at universities all over the country, along with Ben Keene and Adam Duarte blazing their own trails by starting YAF groups on their college campuses.  You will be electrified by firebrands like James O'Keafe, Candace Owens and Antonia Okafor, and laugh at Evan Sayet's clever observations, discover the subversive street artist SABO and be blown away by the great artistry of two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, Michael P. Ramirez. 

Hear Lydie Denier (Amb. Chris Stevens' fiance) tell of her heartbreak, and remarkable conversation with President Trump, surprising good news from Larry Greenfield, and Security expert Frank Gaffney, Christian blogger Joshua Feuerstein and the incomparable Alfonzo Rachel will be sharing stories both personal and world-shattering with a program that will have you spellbound, searching your heart for answers to the question, "What can I do?"

Ceci Iglesias will describe how she pulled off an unlikely political victory despite overwhelming odds against her, and Susan Shelley will recount in painful detail why we desperately need an event like this and an organization like CONNECT THE DOTS.  You will also hear from teacher/author/former SCOTUS lead plaintiff Rebecca Friedrichs, fresh from D.C. with a report on a new case that will buoy your spirits, and learn valuable tips on how to teach economics to children from Michelle Balconi, from the book she co-wrote with Arthur Laffer.  Kevin and Sam Sorbo will be on hand to introduce their new film, "Bleeding Blue."

California business owners took a beating over the last 10 years, and small business advocate Dave Sussman of Ricochet fame will explain little known techniques to get the financial boost you need to survive, and thrive in the future. Also, you'll hear about the lawsuits against the state from Election Integrity Project's Linda Paine and Ruth Weiss, Stop Top 2's Tom Palzer, Stop the Gas Tax's Carl de Mayo, and Stop the Sanctuary State.  These are hot-button issues, and will get people from all political persuasions to the polls!

You'll hear the wrenching story of Lydie Denier, Ambassador Chris Stevens' fiance, and meet the Special Ops guys who tried valiantly to save him, along with dozens of other veterans who are being honored, and you'll learn how you can help save valiant service dogs who have come back from Iraq and Afghanistan -- too many of them are not coming back and being adopted.

There will be something here for everyone who understands that we need to share -- through empathy, humor and stories - what California's future can look like when we have restored the necessary checks and balances, and ideological diversity in Sacramento.  With critical 2018 elections coming up, this is our Last Stand to save our state.

Meet top political candidates from all over California. find out how they really can win with your help and discover a new roadmap to ballot box success in 2018.

Help return California to its former glory and win back the heart of our beautiful state by JOINING US at the event, or, if you can't, registering with your e-mail to keep apprised of our future events and new blueprints for saving your state.  We can't wait to have you on our Special Ops team!

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